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Social Security Disability Workflow

Maintain important data on Claimant’s work history and health. Follow-up system to gather Claimant’s updated medical record information. Alerts on important filing deadlines. Track hearing dates, outcome & appeals.

Tasks with due dates based upon dates such as date of onset, original denial date and other key dates

Recurring tasks built-in for follow-up for Claimant's updated medical records

Collect file Info: date retained, case number, original denial date, local social security office, medical provider, etc.

Collect Claimant’s personal & health info

Collect Claimant’s employment info

Key Dates such as, filing requests for multiple hearings, appeals requests, reconsideration hearing requests

Medical Providers Records Requests tracking process

Claimant Update Forms Requests tracking process

Track meeting dates for initial consults, pre-hearing meeting with claimant , etc.

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